Barcelona University: Intensive Spanish courses and study abroad programs in Barcelona, Spain

Autonomous University of Barcelona

History & Facts

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) wasfounded in 1968. The founders aimed to establish four principles ofautonomy: freedom to select teaching staff, admission available to allstudents, freedom to create its own study plans and freedom toadministrate the University's capital.

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Universitat Autonona de Barcelona
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Autonomous University of Barcelona

History and Facts

Universitat Autonona de BarcelonaTheUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) was founded in 1968. Thefounders aimed to establish four principles of autonomy: freedom toselect teaching staff, admission available to all students, freedom tocreate its own study plans and freedom to administrate the University'scapital. It is a young university, but in its short history hasmoved forward at a rapid pace.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona community is made up of 37,000undergraduate students, 6,500 post-graduates, 2,700 teachers andresearchers, and 1,200 administrative staff. The UAB's 11 facultiesoffer a wide range of study and research, including Humanities andSocial Sciences, Law, Business Studies, Health Sciences, ExperimentalSciences, Art and Design, Technology, and Engineering. While Catalan isthe primary language of instruction at UAB, a wide range of subjectsare offered in Spanish and English.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is among the best educationestablishments in Spain and the European Union in terms of the qualityof teaching and research. UAB Idiomes (The School of Modern Languages)is an integral part of the University. It specialises in teachingmodern languages, including Spanish, to students from around the world,combining the highest standards of university teaching with the latesttechnology. Its courses are aimed at students from a wide variety ofbackgrounds and are all taught by highly qualified staff.

Spanish Courses History

TheSpanish courses are held at the language school which is located rightin the heart of the city on the UAB Casa Convalescència campus, an art nouveau building declared a world heritage sight by UNESCOin 1997. The building has a total of 35 classrooms and 4 lecture hallsall equipped with multi-media technology and audiovisual material.There is also a learning room with high-speed Internet connections thatstudents can use free of charge. The courses at the AutonomousUniversity of Barcelona are designed by language experts to suit thespecific needs of foreign learners. The flexibility of the programmesallows for a number of different study options. Intensive Spanishcourses are ideal for those who wish to learn Spanish in a short periodof time, and the comprehensive level range accommodates all learners,from complete beginners to proficient speakers.

All Autonomous Barcelona University teachers andprofessors are professionals with university qualifications andspecific training in the subject they teach. They have all been chosenfor their academic and social skills from among the best teachers inEurope. The UAB University in Barcelona combines its commitment tosociety with a firm policy of openness to the outside world. Therefore,UAB has many exchange programs and connections with universities andother educational centres around the world. Every year the AutonomousUniversity of Barcelona welcomes students of all ages and abilitiesfrom Europe, the United States and Asia.

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